Media Diary 3: Feel the traditional media

I woke up this morning and realized I should give myself a better reason to get up except school. It was 7:30am when I got up. After checking E-mail and messages with my laptop, I turned on my online radio at 8am. It was a local music radio station in Jinan (China), the city I went for college. It cheered me up in the early morning. Whenever I listened to this radio station, I felt like going back to when I just entered the college with my friends. I was so excited when I found out there was online channel. I let this radio on when I was taking a shower and brushing my teeth, making breakfast. It is called Music 88.7. I feel much better to listen to radio than MP3 since there is a real DJ talking. I can almost feel the person especially when we are in the same city and he or she talks about the weather, and which restaurant is good. It was 8:40am when I was heading to bus station. I took a shortcut this morning across the lawn. Feeling the dew on my feet reminds me how wonderful to live in the world. 9:25am, I was in library west to renew one of books I borrowed. Then, I went back to Journalism library because I had class this afternoon. From 10:05am to 12:10pm, I was in library with my laptop. After going over the presentation I would give in the class later. I checked a series of pages of mine online, including Facebook, Xiaonei and Microblog. A picture I saw on sina microblog is so impressive. I have to share with you all.

At the time I was in library, my friend Tao in China sent me a message on QQ through his cell phone since he had the service which could bind cell phone to QQ software. I do not know whether I should be amazed how powerful technology is or lament there is no pure place to live a peaceful life. I grabbed a piece of Alligator when I came out of library.

12:50pm to 3:50pm class time. In the class, we had three presentations which were separately from our presenter, professor and discussion facilitator which would be me.

4:10pm, I was on RTS bus back to my apartment, reading Alligator. I could not even recall the last time I read newspaper. May it was three month ago, when I was in Beijing. How bad it is that a communication person even does not read paper! But I did read a lot of academic ones. Ha-ha…  Probably it is something related to my major, I pay attention to ads in media a lot. “Police investigate another area rape.” Wow… I thought Gainesville was a pretty safe place. The Asian American Student Union held a talent show few days ago. And Gator Growl performance is on Oct. 15th. I remember last year, a dancing group wearing masks (I could not recall the name) was invited and their dance was so…good.

4:50pm, I got home and made early dinner for myself.

6pm, after dinner, I decided to be away from computer for a while and took the garbage out and checked our mail and went for a walk in the neighborhood for almost 30 minutes. When I was back at 6:30pm, I got a call from my friend in DC. She was flying back to China this winter break and asked me if I need anything.  This phone call gave me a homesick. I missed my life in China, with my family and friends instead of company of my laptop for hours a day.

7:10pm, I started to watch a Taiwanese comedian show on PPStream (a online free video software, people load shows and movies on and every one registered could have free access to it). It was so funny. I could watch it all the day. 10:25pm, I turned off PPS and checked E-mail for another time. I saw an E-mail from International Center, UF, asking help for a survey. I took it. It was much longer than I expected. It was already 11:30pm when I finished.

Since I did not sleep well, I would go and take a bath and probably do a facial mask on bed.


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Media diary 2: Hate Technology

Every morning I have to fight with myself to get up. At 8:30am after my clock ringed three times, I dragged myself off bed. As usual, I turned on my computer as the first minute. After checking my MSN, QQ messages and E-mail. I talked to my parents for 20 minutes through QQ. They told me about a wedding of one of our neighbors I grow up with. He is like a brother tome. My mother complained about me being single again. In China, when girls reach almost mid-twenty, parents would expect us to get ready for marriage, or at least in a stable relationship. Ha-ha… When my mum started, I knew what was coming. So I told her I had to go to library to study and she set me free. It was already 9:30am when I was on RTS bus. On the bus, I looked at the ads on the top. There are plenty of advertisements, like runways bus to airport, animal protection and some advice about security issues taking the bus.  10:20am, I planned to directly go to sixth floor of library west after grabbing a cup of coffee. The sixth floor of library is for graduate students’ use, we need to have our cards activated before use which I already did at the beginning of semester. But I still got stuck in the elevator and it just would move. So I had to go to front desk and activated it again. The student in front desk said sometimes it happened. Finally, I have my laptop and papers set at 10:40am. Usually, before I actually get my work done, I would watch an episode of detective show or play some games. Today, I played Solitaire for two rounds.

 From 11am to 3pm. I was dedicated in the presentation I would make tomorrow in one of my class and made power point. During this period, I checked E-mail for two times and replied text messages from my friends. I do not know why I checked my E-mail once a while as long as I had access to it. Just could not help.  When I almost got everything done, here came the part made me hate technology again. My Microsoft software broke down. All of my Word and PowerPoint files could not be edited anymore. I was so concerned that all work I had done during the weekend and Monday would lose. Since I was not a technology person and I was starving, I decided to go home and eat first. On my way back home, I called my friend Guannan in Tennessee and complained about my situation. Though it did not solve any problems actually, but I felt much better then. 4pm I got home and had Chinese food I bought from a store, then took a short nap. 6pm, I got up and my roommate Sijia had Mircrosoft software which I can borrow. It cheered me up only for a while. Just a while. The technology depressed me once again when I was installing. I guess I just simply could not get along with technology. My friends always make fun of me because I could not handle Mac and iphone. I do not want one machine has some many functions. I have my camera when I need it. How old-fashioned I am! When I almost got cracy, the software was successfully installed. It was already 8:30pm. I watched two episodes of The Big Bang Theory to change the mood. I decided to get my interview guide homework done at 9:50pm. Since it was not hard and I had it done in 40 minutes. Then, I turned on my QQ music. With the music on, I took a shower and brushed my teeth, and checked my E-mail for another time. At 11pm, after I checked my Facebook page,Xiaonei page (Chinese version of Facebook),  MSN, QQ, and Microblog (a Chinese website functions like Twitter), I decided to go to bed early. Tomorrow would be a long day, too! Good dream to myself!


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Media diary 1: Productive Sunday

I got up very early at 8 o’clock this morning since I slept too much on Saturday.  I opened my laptop at the moment I got off bed. Ever since I came to the United States 4 years ago, I could hardly have a day without my PC. Turning it on is almost the first thing I would do in the morning. When it was processing to start, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then, I logged on my QQ. It is chatting software like MSN but it is domestic software in China. I keep in touch with my family and most of my friends through it. My mum leaves me message almost every day and makes me updated about what is happening in my family. I feel so close to home whenever I saw her messages. After replying my mother’s message, one of my best friends Jun invited me to talk on QQ. He is having a rough time recently because his girlfriend broke up with him after he lost his job. I tried to encourage him and cheer him up. I think he would get over it. When he was talking, I checked my E-mail very quick in case there was anything urgent.  Time flies! Three hours passed after our long conversation.

At about 11 o’clock, I started cooking and made some vegetables for lunch, listening to my MP3. I probably should get iPod but I really like my old MP3 since it was a birthday gift from one of my best friends. When the lunch was done, my two roommates and I ate together. We hadn’t had lunch together for a long time since everyone was busying at this time of semester. It was really great time for us three, eating and talking what happening the whole week. Nearly 1pm after lunch and I went back to my room and started to watch my favorite American show online, CSI-LV. Watching this kind of show gets my brain to work.  After one episode, I got down to work and read papers we were going to discuss in a class. Since I am the facilitator in the class this week, everyone in that class sent me their questions about this week’s reading. I left my E-mail on and there were more than ten coming from my classmates. Reading the papers and preparing for the class discussion took me about four hours. I did not come out my room until 5pm. When I was tired about reading paper, listening to music for 5 minutes would give me a break.

My best friends in undergraduate, Sophia called at about 5:20pm from Tennessee. We gossiped about our mutual friend Nan’s new date for a while. Ha-ha… She said they were ready for fall break in University of Tennessee. I wonder why we do not have fall break in Gator Nation. Is that because we have such a long summer and barely have autumn here?  ^_^

One of my roommates made us fish for dinner and it was delicious. We went out for a walking since we were too full. After we got home at 7:30pm, I took two more hours to read my papers. It is the most frequent thing I would do in my school life since I was in graduate school. Then, I told myself it was already a very productive Sunday and I could do something fun. I started surfing online. I went to official website of body shop and bought some eye cream and moisturizers. My mother kept reminding me of using eye cream to keep me from aging. We Asian women are so afraid of wrinkles.  Ha-ha… Time goes faster when surfing randomly than doing homework. At 11:30pm, I played online poker for a few rounds. It is a local way of playing in my hometown, Shandong Province. Only people from our province play. It is so fun and I am really good at it. After kicking people’s ass, I found it was already 12:30am. I opened a word file for my first day of media diary. Here I am, at 1:20am. Bed time! See you tomorrow!

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Does humor really lead to Political Knowledge

According to this week’s article, Xenos and Becker believe that people’s attentiveness to political issues increase by exposing to comedy programs, especially to audience who are not political engaged. But no consistent association was found between political knowledge and exposure to comedy programs. In the first experiment, it is not surprising to find respondents exposed to comedy clips have higher attentiveness to relevant political issues compared with their counterparts since the easy and humorous atmosphere in comedy programs reduces the cost of learning about political issues. The second experiment reveals an unexpected result that the number of items people with high political interest correctly recalled is decreasing with comedy program is involved. The founding about people with low political interest is consistent with the first experiment.

I watched two Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Oct. 5th and Oct. 6th). I have to confess that I found Jon’s speech is brilliant and funny even to me, who totally not engaged in political issues. The show on Oct. 6th talked about mid-term malaise and special reporter Mandvi visited the South and North part of Delaware where arouse controversial political opinions. In the last few minutes of this show, Philip Dray came up and talked about his new book on American labor which I found boring. In the Oct. 5th show, Jon briefly talked about some funny stories about Guatemala and military green events in Pakistan. Then Lewis Black gave covered education crisis America is facing. He made wonderful speech in very humorous tone. In the end, Bruce Willis showed up and promoting his new movie.

Actually during watching the Daily Show, I kept Google some political events which had been mentioned in the show and I felt motivated to know more about these issues than ever but it is only a short-term experience. In the searching process, I did not pursue deep knowledge about political issues just information enough for me to understand what Jon mentioned in the show. Since I have low political interest, I probably would never want to dig deep about politics. When browsing news after the Daily Show, I may pay a little more attention to political issues mentioned in the show which I may never do before but just looked at the headline or at most scan the first paragraph. I was not motivated enough to learn relevant information about political issues.  I guess my results are consistent with majority of Xenos and Becker’s respondents.

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Online shopping: trust or risk ?

For this assignment, I interviewed my friends from undergraduate. They are all graduate students; they are Xin, male, 25, at East Tennessee States University; Dan, female 23, at University of Tennessee; Sisi, 24, University of Illinois.

Here are my questions and their answers:

1. Have you ever purchased anything online? If you do, please describe your online purchase habits.

They all had online purchase experience before and textbooks are what they all bought. Besides that, Xin also bought video games online, once a month; Sisi ordered skin care every one or two months; Dan likes to buy electronic devices through Internet and others staff according to her need.

2. What are the reasons you purchase online? What’s different from in-store purchase?

Apparently, all three respondents believe convenience is the most important reason for online purchasing and returning.  Xin said that not like in-store purchase, he could not really feel and see the goods online; Sisi said it was great deal to purchase online because of special sample and promotion of skincare is better than those in-store; Dan said it was good not having salesman involved.

3. What is the range of price about items you purchase online?

Xin and Sisi claimed their price range is from 10$ to 200$ while Dan is from 25$ to 1500$ since she likes to buy electronic device online.

4. Please describe your first online purchase. Have you ever concerned before making the very first purchase? Why?

The first purchase for Xin and Dan is textbook. Since the price is not high, they only concerned if the book would come on time or come at all. Sisi’s first purchase is Estee Lauder skincare. She did not worry at since the process is protected by the official website.

5. How did your first online purchase influence your following online purchase behavior?

All three respondents have positive purchase experience and all claimed their purchase encouraged their future online purchase.

6. Please describe a negative online purchase experience if you had one? How did that influence your following online purchase behavior?   

Xin bought a battery online and it turned out to be not fit. It makes him more careful for online purchase. Sisi’s negative experience is most about delayed shipment. She always checks the shipping time and choose priority or overnight shipping now. Dan does not confront any negative experience till now.

My interview results show that online purchase is not less popular than in-store purchase and most online purchase experience are positive. In their first purchase, there would be concerns about security but the successful transaction will encourage future purchase. But these following purchases seem to come from a “better deal” start. People go back and keep buying things online because it is cheaper and more convenient. There is no direct evidence shown in my investigation that successful online purchase will increase social trust.

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Blog as a place for free political speech

The article I am responding is Maynor’s in 2009. Two posts are both from Hot Air BLOG. The first one Waterloo: Obama’s approval at 42%, down eight points in three weeks  is posted on Sep. 24 with 138 comments. It shows t the president’s approval is 8 points lower than three week ago. Besides the Tea Party effect, the author believed that Obama had disappointed his electorate. Once his support rate is below 50 percent, it may result in loss of 36 House seats in midterms. The comments are basically debates between Obama’s supporters and those who may lose faith in him. The other one is Romney: Let’s face it, Obama’s going to be very tough to beat, posted on the same day with 246 comments. Mitt Romney, former Mass. Governor, a Republican, claimed that the GOP needs a nominee equally centrist to compete for swing voters. In his statement, president Obama is going to selling himself to pass economic legislation where he could get most credit. The blog post presented and also challenged Romney’s points. Comments for this post are mostly retorting Romney’s view, including both Republicans and Democratic.  

Code of conduct: By scanning Term of Use on Hot Air blog, I found CoC is basically fulfilled in this blog community. Hot Air clearly stated that only registered users who provided a useful E-mail verification could comment and users have to be above 18 to be responsible for account’s activity. Users retain all ownership rights for what they post. Hot Air also expressed its reserved rights to delete libelous and spam comments. Comments containing threatening and libelous information are not found on these two posts. I am with O’Reilly that CoC was not necessarily tantamount to censorship because uncensored speech was not equal to the most free.

Theory of autonomy: Maynor briefly depicted “self-correcting” and “self-directing” features of blog in autonomy theory.  Users found their own destination which is most inspiring to them, practice and exchange their knowledge through the interactive process on blog. On Hot Air, blog users autonomously found blogs with topics they desire and communicate with bloggers and other users through publishing comments. During this process, users either receive more information or correct themselves on former opinions.

The three V’s: According to Maynor, “value, volume and velocity” are three Vs challenge the autonomy theory. My first reaction is that these three challenges are happening to all online community but it probably is a serious consideration for blog as a democratic deliberative  community. I found some users cited words in their comments from other sources, including online and offline, which made their statements more credible. As for other two features, I do not think it is a big deal since blog users are autonomously select the information useful to them. The information selection is under control.

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Twitter: Public or Personal?

My twitter handle is: @sunnyuf

I opened my twitter account just two days ago but we have the exact the same type of “microblogging” new media technology back in China, which I have an experience more than a year. It is called “mini-blog”. But the two–day experience I had on Twitter is of much difference.

There are several things I want to share about my Twitter experience. First, except for some creditable news media vehicles I followed like CNN and FOX, most of Tweets are personal opinions, even tweets from professionals. These information leaders are not necessarily sharing their personal lives, but even the information they disseminate is from personal standing and cannot be verified. Second, there is a language barrier on Twitter. Celebrities, professionals, and even official groups from another culture, they tweet in another language which I could not understand. Third and what I like most about Twitter is its instant updating property. With the mobile technology, users could have access to Twitter by anything with a screen and connection to the Internet. It is a great way to receive updating news and entertainment updates.

With so many researchers focusing on Twitter’s privacy issues and social networking or community attributes, I found Shepherd’s viewpoint is different and interesting. He is critical about Twitter’s attributes by arguing with OECD’s report. I have to agree with him on the “global village” issue. It is true that the network technologies diminished the geographic distance but it is never the “end of Geography”. People still tend to follow celebrities and news from their own countries or local areas. Though users have access to it, it does not mean they would follow and they have the ability to understand and communicate with people from another end of geography. And I also like his idea that Twitter is not the best place to develop public discourse. Like the YouTube community we had talked about earlier, Twitter is also a place for entertainment. That’s why Shepherd said it was celebrity-centered. Celebrities do free PR and self-branding and no matter the fans buy it or not, they entertain themselves through the process. Twitter is not developed for public discourse because that is not what users are going for. But Shepherd is a little bit aggressive on some points. Since Twitter is so popular, it does have the bright side. I like its functions like people can retweet things they like and tweet with a hyperlink to guide readers to information with more details. Users can also search information they are interested in.

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Convergence: A case study of fan community

BuddyTV is an entertainment-based website founded by Andy Liu and David Niu in 2005, who realized that television is a “very passive or non-social experience”. It generates contents about popular TV episodes and sporting events. Users interact with each other and the official website through a series of articles, games, photos, videos, and user forums. The website is also designed for real-time commentary for sports, allowing former players and fans to broadcast their opinions on games.

Internet provides a great online platform for fans of all kinds of events to share their mania. Nowadays, websites like BuddyTV show the convergence culture of users’ media participation pattern. The boundary of media production and media consumption is no longer clear. Fans could summarize episodes, create original fan fiction, sample their favorite dialogue, make their own movies and distribute them worldwide through these interactive fan websites. allows users to sign up with for personal email notifications or through their Facebook accounts (I found this appealing because almost everyone has a Facebook page which provides convenient way to log on). Users also could follow their favorite episodes and sports events on Twitter and Facebook to get latest update news. There are five major sections on, TV shows, actors, news, photos, and games. Site users could upload recent news, photos, videos of a game or episode, initiate discussion and polls or only be receivers of those media patterns. What’s fascinating about this website is that it allows live broadcasting. Users could communicate with each other and load their comments with episodes and games synchronously. They could also browse each other’s Facebook page just by clicking each other’s avatar on Also, you can grade another user’s video or comments or send gifts to other users.

Here is an article called “Community of Passionate Fans Leads to Redemption for ‘Firefly’” published on Washington Business Journal. A group of a popular “Firefly” TV show fans voluntarily gathered together through the power of social media and word of mouth to produce a fan-made film “Serenity”. This movie is just released on September 4, 2010. They have raised &500,000 for five charities related to the creator and cast of the original TB show. This fan event proved how powerful a fan community could be and how convergent  an online fan community culture is.

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Deliberation on YouTube: Racism

    The issue interests me is racism. The first video I found on the interactive community is “Racism in the Elevator”. It is one minute and 4 seconds long with 3,200,420 views and 37,521 comments. It shows a phenomenon that when a black guy enters an elevator, white women may be altered and hold their purse tight and step back. The black guy in this video said these white women thought by doing that, they were protecting themselves, but in actuality, they were provoking a savage attack. In the end, the guy yelled at the lady at a sudden, and he was satisfied that she was scared. Maybe the video is trying to make it fun; after all, YouTube is a site for entertainment. But racism in this clip not only refers to discriminations to black people. Even though the white lady may be a little overreacted, why he yelled at her and made it worse. Some blogger (pmzqabel) think the girl in the video is not being racist and she is doing the right thing. Black men are not trustworthy. They make up 13% of the population in the US and 80% of the prison population is black. I personally not agree with this but it stands for a lot of YouTubers’ opinion. As long as racism is mentioned, black people tend to be depicted as the victim. Why is it always a white person portrayed as the racism because it is not always the case (Rohirrum)? RoxyTG1 claimed that to be fair most women alone in an elevator would subconsciously grip their purse if any man of any color walked in. but as some bloggers said we would never know how racism hurts unless we are black ourselves.

    The second video is called “Racism at the Bus Stop” with 1,351,054 views and 6,374 comments. It was played by the same actor. In this video, a black man is accused by another black man for being less black because he is well-educated, speak English well, wear a suit and do not want the home-made black CD. What’s wrong for black people being well-educated, wearing a suit and being a professional in their work field? These stupid stereotypes thing may make the racism issue even more complicated. Some colored people make fun of Whites every day and call them “redneck” but as soon as white people doing the same thing. It rises to a serious racism issue. Say NO to double standard people (Inrange2010)! Even if the whole world were in the same color, we would still have excuses to be bias (SpiralDaze).

The discussion triggered by these two videos are not like what Hess talked about. Even though YouTube is more like a place for entertainment, bloggers would not discuss a serious topic in an opposite way.  The inflammatory feedbacks also embody the freedom of expression. If the ONDCP ads were put on other media, the public feedback probably would be the same.

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Internet and Democracy

This week’s reading focuses on the impact of the Internet on democracy. With the widespread of Internet use, many issues are brought up concerning the good and bad effects which the Internet may cause. Just think about the time we spend on the Internet every day, it is not hard to find out how great influence the Internet could have on our daily life. Democracy is long-lasting topic here in the United States. From a developing country which was talked about in the paper with “authoritarian deliberation” displayed on web censorship, I have not really thought about what democratic issue the Internet could cause before I read the paper.

 From my personal view, the most outstanding advantage which Internet brings to us is to disseminate information, including word-of-mouth. To some extent, it helps to amplify the voice of the public. While the author is trying to say is that on the way of spreading public words, the Internet does not work as well as we expected it to be. The existence of Internet censorship and cyber attacks prevent some sensitive information from spreading, especially some political websites attacking military and government targets and even gay websites. Due to my background, I could verify it is true in the country where I am from. Information containing sensitive words  related to political events or some political figure could not be found on web. The governemnt has had those relevant sources under control. Even though some sources could be published at the first time, not after a long time, it will be removed or blocked. These things often happen in some countries without strong democratic systems. One result would be users turn to other websites which are not blocked for information. For example, as a Chinese Internet user, I can still get information blocked from some websites abroad. Even though some users do not have access to other websites, there are still some Internet users who saw the sensitive information before it was blocked. Then, these people became third party communicators. After all, there are too many channels users can make use of online, the government could not get through every corner of the Internet.  Since the globe is conveniently combined together due to the Internet, these situations could be relieved by the help of nongovernmental organizations. Joint efforts could be made in pursuit of a more democratic world.

Another possible result is that Internet censorship would be improved by mutual trust, including trust between Internet users and trust between the government and users. From government’s standing point, it doing this for stability of a society. As what Chinese government said, dissemination of some information could easily cause panic of the public or harmful to public stability. But once the public and government have more trust to each other. It may change the Internet to a place where freedom of speech could be put into practice. It sounds impossible till now, but we will see. .

Here is some links I found related to our reading.

This one is about the Internet censorship in China. It brough up the issue  why Google wanted to cease its operations in China and how it ended like.

Here is another link about “China defends internet censorship”. It is from BBC news. In the document presented by Chinese government, it stated the reasons why citizens cannot have access to these websites. 

I would say different countries have different regulations and different realities.  It is hard to say right or wrong.

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