Lady liberty being used in “remix” world

The development of technology and growth of globalization provide us an abundant of sources. When others’ creativity arouse our sparks, it is very possible that we may take these creative ideas for our own use. Like presented in the video, Girl Talk remixed more than 20 songs in one but none of those is their own creativity but makes a brand new production.

My idea comes from a “lady liberty” campaign of M&M. The company made use of the image of lady liberty to raise brand awareness and recognition as well as infuse entertainment elements into this brand. Besides that, image of “lady liberty” has been used in a lot of movies or political campaigns either to stand for New York City or freedom. So I made this remix video to show how lady liberty is been used by creative talents.


November 5, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Mindy McAdams replied:

    The video is good, and entertaining. I would like you to write a little text in the same blog post to expand on what your idea was (the idea behind making this video).

  2. luckymaggie replied:

    I really like your remix of Lady liberty! It’s very interesting and I think it’s sort of fair use of the image of Lady liberty, am I right? In my opinion, I think the statuary is a part, a symbol of American culture. But it seems no one makes any prescript that you can only interpret the Lady liberty in a fixed way. I mean this famous statuary could have different meanings for different people. With respect to intellectual property, as discussed in class, I know WIPO has a definition on what intellectual property is, but each country has its independent, special law system thus every nation has distinctive measurements. Is it possible for the whole world has a uniform standard? If so, how to actualize it?

  3. ltn0913 replied:

    I think your video is great, very interesting and amusing. Although “Lady Liberty” was not “invented” by these video makers, they did create some new things. I saw the “lady liberty” campaign of M&M, it’s brilliant. I think everything should inspire someone to something else, that’s a point of existence.

  4. joneelauriel replied:

    Very interesting video, I completely forgot about “The Lady Liberty” M&M campaign. It’s funny to see the many uses of such a staple for America and how they’re kind of using it as a branding and blending of cultures. Especially with the location being in New York a place many consider to be the Melting Pot of the world. All of the images you had in your remix are a mixing and intertwining of different creative concepts and ideas.

  5. fanninchen replied:

    It’s kind of a parody video, which chooses a serious political icon of the United States to mock at. But actually it is indeed amusing! The reason why m&ms is doing this is obviously a marketing strategy. Furthermore, the effective way to attract attentions is to build on something already well-known. In this way, m&ms can easily establish an idea that has already been accepted. Also, through the unexpected mimic presentation of a famous icon, the news value of it is higher then other copy works.

  6. chentingchen replied:

    Your video reminds me a case in Taiwan about the building “Taipei 101.” Taipei 101 is a landmark skyscraper and was the highest building in the world from 2004 to 2010. We could see the Taipei 101 in many mass media productions such as TV shows, drama and print ads. In 2006, the corporation which owns Taipei 101 made a statement that people have to get permission and pay before using Taipei 101 in their productions since the corporation already registered Taipei 101 as a trademark. The statement arised strong opposition from society and the corporation eventually did not execute the statement.

    It is true that copyright should be protected. However, when the core of copyright be exaggerated and expanded without limitation, the society would definitely become stagnant.

  7. francescalyn replied:

    I really liked what you did with this video. The statue would be more than likely considered part of the public domain as it is a national symbol. But, I wonder if each company that created their own version could claim ownership to their creation?

    I wonder if M&M’s copyrighted their version of the statue?

  8. makeyourself270 replied:

    Great video. Lady Liberty has certainly been used quite frequently in the remix culture. What aspect of her image remains in the public domain, however? Is she still considered freely accessible? Or are there now depictions of Lady Liberty that are off limits due to corporations copyrighting the images that they have “created?” I have to admit, though, that I am disappointed you did not use any footage of the Statue of Liberty from Ghostbusters 2.

  9. morganyang replied:

    In the war of copyright, the idea you use is exact the usage of public domain since the sculptor is no longer existed and there is no copy right of lady liberty. If we are regulated by the IPR law, perhaps hte only thing we can remix is the things like lady liberty. I think there is another idea your vedio expressed that the Lady liberty just like a symbol of freedom and remixing it can represent the idea of all content on the our world can be remixed and recreated.

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