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Crowdsourcing to the beat?

Crowdsourcing: diversity in the crowd

Crowdsourcing: the wisdom of crowd?


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Lady liberty being used in “remix” world

The development of technology and growth of globalization provide us an abundant of sources. When others’ creativity arouse our sparks, it is very possible that we may take these creative ideas for our own use. Like presented in the video, Girl Talk remixed more than 20 songs in one but none of those is their own creativity but makes a brand new production.

My idea comes from a “lady liberty” campaign of M&M. The company made use of the image of lady liberty to raise brand awareness and recognition as well as infuse entertainment elements into this brand. Besides that, image of “lady liberty” has been used in a lot of movies or political campaigns either to stand for New York City or freedom. So I made this remix video to show how lady liberty is been used by creative talents.

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