WCF leads to female activism

The political organization I found is called Women’s Campaign Forum which is public known as WCF. Founded in 1974, “WCF is the only national, non-partisan political organization supporting women who respect reproductive health choices at all levels of office, during the earliest stages of their public life.” Everyone could become a member by signing up with their E-mail address. Members could participate in campaigns and programs, or even become a candidate who would be supported by the organization.

Compare to Moveon:

The content of both websites include member sign up section, donation access, current campaigns and programs, connections to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, news release for updated sources. Basically, elements mentioned in Rohlinger and Brown (2009)’s article like membership, donation, intermediary actions are found in both websites. Besides that, WCF website also includes candidate, detailed programs and link which direct audience to a media project which fights against sexism called “Name it, change it”. On webpage of the project, membership sign up and other actions like report sexist incidents in media are also available. Activism is found on both websites. Different from moveon, WCF encourages members to activated involved in their campaigns and participate either being a candidate or volunteer.

Member benefits:

According to Rohlinger and Brown, three major member benefits could be achieved on Internet, free place for political challengers to form dissent opinions, allowing individuals to participate anonymously, and moving participants from armchair to real world. I would say members of WCF are more likely to achieve these benefits than ones of moveon. The primary reason is that low cost of participating in events of WCF. Online political organizations do provide a convenient way for people to get involved, and as said, it is a place for free speech. Although individuals could participate anonymously, we know it is not 100 percent guarantee. If the government really wants to find out who we are, they could have access to find it out. Activism in moveon events requires high cost. Apprehensions of being fired by a political loyal boss, risks posed to families may have an influence of implement of activism. But for WCF, activism of striving for women’s fair right does not involve that amount of risk. Besides that, women have the potential for public position get fellowships from the organization to help them gain firsthand experience.


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