Media diary 6: A day without class

I woke up at 8:40 am this morning. After checking E-mail and regular networking websites I usually go to, I started to read activism articles and search political organizations on Google for this week’s assignment. There are millions of political organizations all over the world, but among them, not many are non-partisan and have membership. At 10:30am, I called my friend Bin in Beijing with my cell phone using “Zapel” phone card I bought online. It is really good deal to make international phone calls with the charge of 3.2 cents per minute. Today is Bin’s birthday. We are best friends for more than ten years. Every year on our birthdays, we will call each other no matter where we are. We talked about what happened recently around us and new movies on in Beijing. 11:20 am, hanged up the phone, then, I continued my Google search.

At about 1:10 pm, my roommate made us lunch. We random talked about celebrity news on Yahoo China during lunch, with online music on as background sound. I started to write this week’s blog at 1:50 pm and got it done at 3:00 pm. My roommate’s friend Eric called at 3:16 pm, and asked us to hang out tonight. In the end, we decided to have dinner at our apartment and he and other two girls would bring sushi. After the phone call, my roommate and I decided to go to a Korean super market to buy drinks for tonight’s little party of 5. We bought hoodle drinks which recall us childhood memory. It is a drink with a hoodle inside. Before drinking, we have to push the hoodle to the bottle neck with special bottle cap then it would stay at the neck of bottle. It would move when we drink it and make tinkle sounds. It is originally from Japan and little kids love it.

6:45 pm, our little sushi party started. During dinner, we had “Taiwanese Got Talent” show on using PPS software. It is a singing competition with very high rating. We sang together with the players if we recognized the song. It was like a home karaoke. 7:40 pm after dinner, Eric set up DVD player and we all sat on the floor to watch a movie called “Date Night”. Maybe because the movie was not fun to me, I felt like it was more than two hours long but actually it was not. 10: 20 pm, the movie was over and we played WUNO poker game for a few rounds. 11:20 pm, our friends left and I went to bed after checking my E-mail and message for another time.


October 15, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Mindy McAdams replied:

    I don’t think “hoodle” is the right word — I can’t find it online. And your photo does not explain it to me either. Wah, I am confused!

    But of course Japan would invent such a thing — they have all the bubble teas, etc.

    That sounds like a fun evening (filled with media!!). It seems none of the diary writers went to see the UF homecoming parade. What a shame! This kind of parade is a big American tradition.

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