Media diary 5: Shocking news from newspaper

7:50 am got up and checked E-mail, and all kinds of online messages. I got an E-mail from a platform which was set up by my best friends, saying that there were new updates on it. It was an online forum which only opens to a few of us, a place to talk about private things between several friends.  It was under QQ chatting software. Users could choose which QQ friend their forum is open to. The new update is about one of our mutual friends in college is getting married. My friends are talking about which gifts we should send her on the forum.

9:35am-12:10pm in advertising theory class. No media consumption in that period.

12:34pm on RTS bus heading home. I play a game called “Diner Dash” on my AT&T cell phone when I was on the bus. It is a little similar to the massage game on iphone. 10 minutes later, my friend Ann called to talk about our gathering on Friday night so I exited my game at that time. After lunch, I went to a Chinese online purchase website- , to buy a wedding gift for my friend. Since I am not in China at the time she gets married. Have the gift delivered for her is probably the best way. I picked up a music box for her and it would be delivered early morning tomorrow in China.

I do not have class on Friday. So the weekend starts today after class. I finally got a break to take a nap this week. I fell asleep when listened to the old songs in my MP3. I remember Chen-ting said listening to old songs was always good. With life moving on, it is easier to recall what happened and heard in the past as if the old songs could help us recall a lot sweet memories. I woke up at 4pm. After checking E-mail and messages like routine, I watched two episodes of a Korean drama-“sparks of desire” on PPS (Chinese free video software). After that, I read a Japanese detective novel Mr. Gutian which I downloaded earlier until 8:15pm.

After dinner, at 9:00 pm, I finally had time for USA today I got in front of Weimer hall. The front page is about rescue of Chilean miners. Until Wednesday, all 33 miners were safely rescued after survived 69 days trapped underground. The picture is one of miner hugging his wife. It is a happy ending story. When I turned to page 5A, a piece of news about Chinese government censorship got my attention. A letter signed by a retired professor in China decries Chinese censorship. I was shocked to read the news of awarding of the Nobel Pease Prize to imprisoned dissident Liu Xiaobo. Since most of my daily news is from Chinese websites and the Chinese government blocked this news, I had no access to it at all until today. I thought Chinese government is way over cross the line this time. I feel appointed for my future communication career back in China. Fortunately, I was not going to be a journalist. Then, I talked with my friend Ning on MSN. She is a news journalist in Beijing. She confirmed that censorship did exist everywhere. A lot of times, journalist could not publish everything they find valuable.

It was 10:30pm after talking to Ning. I searched “Liu Xiaobo” and “Nobel Prize” on which is our search engine like Google in US. The results showed that my search is related to information banned by law and regulation, so it would display. Even though growing up in China, I seem never going to get used to the censorship there, especially as a communication major. Even though censorship is a great deal in China, I still believe there is something we could do to disseminate information to the public, which they have the right to know. At 11:35pm, I decided to take a bath and go to bed with a lot concerns about the censorship issue.


October 14, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Mindy McAdams replied:

    Diary, not dairy. At a dairy we find cows.

    The news of Liu Xiaobo winning the Nobel Peace Prize has been all over the U.S. news for about one week already! 🙂 I think maybe students are missing a lot of interesting information because they do not pay attention to the news media.

    When I lived in Malaysia for eight months, I read a lot of newspapers and watched the English news on TV every weeknight because it helped me understand a lot of things about the country I was living in. Also, it gave me a lot fo questions to ask my Malaysian friends. They could explain to me what I saw on the news.

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