Media diary 4: Regular school day

Today is like a normal school day like usual. I got up at 8:10am, turned on laptop to post my media dairy for yesterday as my first thing. Then, opened homepage of the music radio station I usually listened to. A fresh new day started! Since I did not have class in the morning, I decided to make noodles for breakfast. When I just added water on my pot, my friend Tao called from China. Until I finished talking with him, I found I did not turn the gas on to boil the water in pot. On my way heading to bus station at 10:05am, I met a friend of mine, Jamie. She was excited to introduce a game on her iphone. It was called Sarah’s Massage store if I did not remember it wrong. It is a fun game. The girl named Sarah worked in the massage store. She has to take care of all customers to taking a shower, massage or gives them heat treatment with a stone, and finally have them checked out. If a customer waits too long, his or her heart will break. If you have them wait longer, they will leave.  If their heart is broken, Sarah gets fewer tips. The aim of game is to get as much as tip and take care of all customers. I played a while with her iphone when we were on the bus.

10:30am arrived lobby of Reizt Union. I need to have my resume edited this morning in order to job application later. The girl works there is nice and is a great help and gave me some suggestions about job hunting.

11:10am got Journalism library. I started to look at peer’s blog on and leave comments. It was 1:10pm when my friend Sijia finished her class and we went to have lunch with Maggie. Since we have class together on Wednesday, we always meet in the Journalism library and have lunch together and talk about the past week. It is nice to have a random talking with friends and have a period of time away from my computer. Here is a vedio my friends sent me when I was in library. It is really funny.

3:00pm to 5:10pm in new media class. We watched a lot of clips on Youtube. Most of them are about political issues. I love the entertainment show which two actress played Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. Those clips help me have a better understanding to American politics. Is that show Saturday live show which was mentioned a lot times in class? I wonder if there is online access to it because we do not have TV in our apartment. It really limits our media consumption. Even though the Internet makes it more accessible to many sources, watching TV and all commercials between shows is a different experience.

My friend Sijia and I went to TCBY and bought ice cream on our way back home. It was great to have an ice cream after a school day and walked home. 6:28pm, when we got home, I checked my Email, Facebook, Xiaonei, and Microblog and replied message left by my friends. At 7:17pm, I decided to read papers and write response paper for my Qualitative Research class. I took me more than 3 hours to finish the reading. The four articles I read are about new ways of collecting data for in-depth interviews like online dairies, blog, and videoconferencing. It was already 11:40pm after I turned in my response paper. It’s really a long day! Hope I would remember to pick up New York Times tomorrow! ^_^


October 14, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Mindy McAdams replied:

    Um … diary, not dairy! Reitz, not Reizt.

    That game sounded kind of strange, so I searched for it. Took me about two minutes to find Sally’s Spa:

    I liked the annoying orange because it has a perfect story arc, which is something I teach in the Multimedia Reporting course.

    Google “saturday night live” and you will find the show.

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