Media Diary 3: Feel the traditional media

I woke up this morning and realized I should give myself a better reason to get up except school. It was 7:30am when I got up. After checking E-mail and messages with my laptop, I turned on my online radio at 8am. It was a local music radio station in Jinan (China), the city I went for college. It cheered me up in the early morning. Whenever I listened to this radio station, I felt like going back to when I just entered the college with my friends. I was so excited when I found out there was online channel. I let this radio on when I was taking a shower and brushing my teeth, making breakfast. It is called Music 88.7. I feel much better to listen to radio than MP3 since there is a real DJ talking. I can almost feel the person especially when we are in the same city and he or she talks about the weather, and which restaurant is good. It was 8:40am when I was heading to bus station. I took a shortcut this morning across the lawn. Feeling the dew on my feet reminds me how wonderful to live in the world. 9:25am, I was in library west to renew one of books I borrowed. Then, I went back to Journalism library because I had class this afternoon. From 10:05am to 12:10pm, I was in library with my laptop. After going over the presentation I would give in the class later. I checked a series of pages of mine online, including Facebook, Xiaonei and Microblog. A picture I saw on sina microblog is so impressive. I have to share with you all.

At the time I was in library, my friend Tao in China sent me a message on QQ through his cell phone since he had the service which could bind cell phone to QQ software. I do not know whether I should be amazed how powerful technology is or lament there is no pure place to live a peaceful life. I grabbed a piece of Alligator when I came out of library.

12:50pm to 3:50pm class time. In the class, we had three presentations which were separately from our presenter, professor and discussion facilitator which would be me.

4:10pm, I was on RTS bus back to my apartment, reading Alligator. I could not even recall the last time I read newspaper. May it was three month ago, when I was in Beijing. How bad it is that a communication person even does not read paper! But I did read a lot of academic ones. Ha-ha…  Probably it is something related to my major, I pay attention to ads in media a lot. “Police investigate another area rape.” Wow… I thought Gainesville was a pretty safe place. The Asian American Student Union held a talent show few days ago. And Gator Growl performance is on Oct. 15th. I remember last year, a dancing group wearing masks (I could not recall the name) was invited and their dance was so…good.

4:50pm, I got home and made early dinner for myself.

6pm, after dinner, I decided to be away from computer for a while and took the garbage out and checked our mail and went for a walk in the neighborhood for almost 30 minutes. When I was back at 6:30pm, I got a call from my friend in DC. She was flying back to China this winter break and asked me if I need anything.  This phone call gave me a homesick. I missed my life in China, with my family and friends instead of company of my laptop for hours a day.

7:10pm, I started to watch a Taiwanese comedian show on PPStream (a online free video software, people load shows and movies on and every one registered could have free access to it). It was so funny. I could watch it all the day. 10:25pm, I turned off PPS and checked E-mail for another time. I saw an E-mail from International Center, UF, asking help for a survey. I took it. It was much longer than I expected. It was already 11:30pm when I finished.

Since I did not sleep well, I would go and take a bath and probably do a facial mask on bed.


October 13, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Mindy McAdams replied:

    That was a long day on campus. Did you know you can get The New York Times free with your GatorOne card? Look at the box outside Weimer Hall. I like the Alligator, of course, but you might find more of interest in The New York Times — especially the advertising (which is very expensive).

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