Media diary 2: Hate Technology

Every morning I have to fight with myself to get up. At 8:30am after my clock ringed three times, I dragged myself off bed. As usual, I turned on my computer as the first minute. After checking my MSN, QQ messages and E-mail. I talked to my parents for 20 minutes through QQ. They told me about a wedding of one of our neighbors I grow up with. He is like a brother tome. My mother complained about me being single again. In China, when girls reach almost mid-twenty, parents would expect us to get ready for marriage, or at least in a stable relationship. Ha-ha… When my mum started, I knew what was coming. So I told her I had to go to library to study and she set me free. It was already 9:30am when I was on RTS bus. On the bus, I looked at the ads on the top. There are plenty of advertisements, like runways bus to airport, animal protection and some advice about security issues taking the bus.  10:20am, I planned to directly go to sixth floor of library west after grabbing a cup of coffee. The sixth floor of library is for graduate students’ use, we need to have our cards activated before use which I already did at the beginning of semester. But I still got stuck in the elevator and it just would move. So I had to go to front desk and activated it again. The student in front desk said sometimes it happened. Finally, I have my laptop and papers set at 10:40am. Usually, before I actually get my work done, I would watch an episode of detective show or play some games. Today, I played Solitaire for two rounds.

 From 11am to 3pm. I was dedicated in the presentation I would make tomorrow in one of my class and made power point. During this period, I checked E-mail for two times and replied text messages from my friends. I do not know why I checked my E-mail once a while as long as I had access to it. Just could not help.  When I almost got everything done, here came the part made me hate technology again. My Microsoft software broke down. All of my Word and PowerPoint files could not be edited anymore. I was so concerned that all work I had done during the weekend and Monday would lose. Since I was not a technology person and I was starving, I decided to go home and eat first. On my way back home, I called my friend Guannan in Tennessee and complained about my situation. Though it did not solve any problems actually, but I felt much better then. 4pm I got home and had Chinese food I bought from a store, then took a short nap. 6pm, I got up and my roommate Sijia had Mircrosoft software which I can borrow. It cheered me up only for a while. Just a while. The technology depressed me once again when I was installing. I guess I just simply could not get along with technology. My friends always make fun of me because I could not handle Mac and iphone. I do not want one machine has some many functions. I have my camera when I need it. How old-fashioned I am! When I almost got cracy, the software was successfully installed. It was already 8:30pm. I watched two episodes of The Big Bang Theory to change the mood. I decided to get my interview guide homework done at 9:50pm. Since it was not hard and I had it done in 40 minutes. Then, I turned on my QQ music. With the music on, I took a shower and brushed my teeth, and checked my E-mail for another time. At 11pm, after I checked my Facebook page,Xiaonei page (Chinese version of Facebook),  MSN, QQ, and Microblog (a Chinese website functions like Twitter), I decided to go to bed early. Tomorrow would be a long day, too! Good dream to myself!



October 12, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Mindy McAdams replied:

    You had to reinstall MS Office? All of it? Wah, that’s horrible! Hm, maybe it’s because of the version you have … ?

    You know, I added Big Bang Theory to my TiVo subscriptions because now it’s clear to me that EVERYONE watches it (including my colleagues on the faculty). before I watched it only once in a while.

    Did you use any books while you were in the library? If not, I am wondering why you went there to work.

    • Xuerui replied:

      Maybe it is a culture thing. In China,library is a great place to study no matter if we are going to use books in library. Just the atmosphere. There are too many distractions in others places.
      Big Bang is really good. It is my second favorite American show except CSI. The main characters are all physical scientists. Professional physics terms are all over their dialogue. I have to read the translation to understand.

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