Media diary 1: Productive Sunday

I got up very early at 8 o’clock this morning since I slept too much on Saturday.  I opened my laptop at the moment I got off bed. Ever since I came to the United States 4 years ago, I could hardly have a day without my PC. Turning it on is almost the first thing I would do in the morning. When it was processing to start, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then, I logged on my QQ. It is chatting software like MSN but it is domestic software in China. I keep in touch with my family and most of my friends through it. My mum leaves me message almost every day and makes me updated about what is happening in my family. I feel so close to home whenever I saw her messages. After replying my mother’s message, one of my best friends Jun invited me to talk on QQ. He is having a rough time recently because his girlfriend broke up with him after he lost his job. I tried to encourage him and cheer him up. I think he would get over it. When he was talking, I checked my E-mail very quick in case there was anything urgent.  Time flies! Three hours passed after our long conversation.

At about 11 o’clock, I started cooking and made some vegetables for lunch, listening to my MP3. I probably should get iPod but I really like my old MP3 since it was a birthday gift from one of my best friends. When the lunch was done, my two roommates and I ate together. We hadn’t had lunch together for a long time since everyone was busying at this time of semester. It was really great time for us three, eating and talking what happening the whole week. Nearly 1pm after lunch and I went back to my room and started to watch my favorite American show online, CSI-LV. Watching this kind of show gets my brain to work.  After one episode, I got down to work and read papers we were going to discuss in a class. Since I am the facilitator in the class this week, everyone in that class sent me their questions about this week’s reading. I left my E-mail on and there were more than ten coming from my classmates. Reading the papers and preparing for the class discussion took me about four hours. I did not come out my room until 5pm. When I was tired about reading paper, listening to music for 5 minutes would give me a break.

My best friends in undergraduate, Sophia called at about 5:20pm from Tennessee. We gossiped about our mutual friend Nan’s new date for a while. Ha-ha… She said they were ready for fall break in University of Tennessee. I wonder why we do not have fall break in Gator Nation. Is that because we have such a long summer and barely have autumn here?  ^_^

One of my roommates made us fish for dinner and it was delicious. We went out for a walking since we were too full. After we got home at 7:30pm, I took two more hours to read my papers. It is the most frequent thing I would do in my school life since I was in graduate school. Then, I told myself it was already a very productive Sunday and I could do something fun. I started surfing online. I went to official website of body shop and bought some eye cream and moisturizers. My mother kept reminding me of using eye cream to keep me from aging. We Asian women are so afraid of wrinkles.  Ha-ha… Time goes faster when surfing randomly than doing homework. At 11:30pm, I played online poker for a few rounds. It is a local way of playing in my hometown, Shandong Province. Only people from our province play. It is so fun and I am really good at it. After kicking people’s ass, I found it was already 12:30am. I opened a word file for my first day of media diary. Here I am, at 1:20am. Bed time! See you tomorrow!


October 11, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Mindy McAdams replied:

    We don’t have a long fall break in the Gator Nation, but we DO have Homecoming this Friday … it does not seem like a break, because most of us do not have class on Fridays.

    It was delightful to hear that you took a walk (even though that is not using media, ha ha) — I am beginning to worry that many students are staring at their laptops from the time they wake up until they go to bed at night!

  2. Xuerui replied:

    Yeah…I found out I could barely have a day without computer. In China, I was not normally like this. But I do not have a lot friends here except international students like me.

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